concert of a-lure

plastic straws, matches, EU coinage, pill bottle, polystyrene, iphone, anti-scent spray, Youtube instructional videos

Performance Hermione Spriggs + Laura Cooper, Titanik Galleria, Turku, Finland, 13.07.17



Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 15.51.52a-lure 3Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 15.53.19.pngScreen Shot 2017-07-23 at 15.52.08a-lure 2Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 15.53.55.pngScreen Shot 2017-07-23 at 15.52.44.pnga-lure 4





Gobbles Sound OK



Panel with Kevin Logan and Richey Cary at audibleVISIONS, Goldsmiths 


Gobbles Sound Ok

The real skill of the practitioner lies not in skilled concealment but in the skilled revelation of skilled concealment…

For hundreds of years philosophers and artists have lamented their incapacity to adequately copy ‘nature’, with frustrated attempts at representation only serving to accelerate the increasing fissure between polarized worlds of human and animal. On the other hand hunters and trappers use finely-tuned strategies for aesthetic and audio mimesis: decoy calls and Foley performances draw a hunter into intimate proximity with his/her prey.

‘Gobbles Sound Ok’ explores the critical difference between these contrasting approaches to discourse with and around the natural world. Via Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Essay on the Origin of Languages, Dijkstra’s theory of image substitution and online hunting instructables, Gobbles Sound OK investigates the production and performance of sonic decoys and hunting lures as multi-sensory, multi-species ‘artworks’ that utilize difference to undermine the boundary between human and animal.

smaller hooks for plants (4)


4. (again). I shouldn’t have, I did, I know I shouldn’t, I still do. I’m feeding you. You might be eating me, a bit. You don’t want to but you also do. You can’t quite bite but you almost can, it’s so much safer this way. It’s So Much Safer. I can breathe even though I’m feeding you my oxygen. I can put my finger in your mouth. I’m collecting you rain water, you’re drinking my fluids, there’s pressure and release. I want to take you to the countryside but you’re too carnivorous. You want to be in my bedroom where there’s flies.

Locked out of Heaven


“It’s an old tradition that dates back to the Ottoman empire and now only exists in a handful of hidden cafes in Istanbul. One is pictured almost completely obliterated by ivy, with only a hint of an iron gate to suggest an entrance. Inside are subtle signs that these are bird cafes: hooks on walls, the occasional picture.

…The photographic story begins at night with mysterious views of bushes, brightly lit as if by car headlights. A man sits waiting, contemplating; another looks up at the night sky. As dawn breaks one man is seen digging next to a tree, another hangs nets, and these actions taken out of context seem ritualistic. The most treasured birds are caught in the wild, not bred, apparently because their song is all the more complex when it has been learned naturally.”