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smaller hooks for plants (4)


4. (again). I shouldn’t have, I did, I know I shouldn’t, I still do. I’m feeding you. You might be eating me, a bit. You don’t want to but you also do. You can’t quite bite but you almost can, it’s so much safer this way. It’s So Much Safer. I can breathe even though I’m feeding you my oxygen. I can put my finger in your mouth. I’m collecting you rain water, you’re drinking my fluids, there’s pressure and release. I want to take you to the countryside but you’re too carnivorous. You want to be in my bedroom where there’s flies.

smaller hooks for plants

“I stink when I try to answer your emails.

really, it’s so bodily, I smell like the pitcher plant”




1. You remind me a bit of somewhere else, and also the Jurrasic. You were the one that looked full and like you could float both at once. You are brittle, just a little bit dry, it’s ok though I bought you a spritzer and I know you want to hang out.