The Anthropology of Other Animals is an amorphous space for modeling concepts and structures that help me/us to exist as humans in relation to other ways of acting, sensing, being (animal)


a main road jungle for everything else.


always hungry

The Anthropology Of Other Animals is an opportunistic intermodal + multi-species conversation dedicated to discussion and experimentation around our collective status as human animals. “AoOA” is also a sound produced by both humans and animals at moments of capture and release.

AoOA has developed in alliance with The Political Animal Reading Group (The Showroom, London/ Dublin); ESTAR(SER); Land Art Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar/ Berlin), Mildred’s Lane (Pennsylvania) and Emerging Subjects of the New Economy at University College London. As a protocol for making and distributing arts and anthropologies (both of and for ourselves as ‘other animals’), AoOA poaches methodologies from hunters and trap-setters with the aim to establish a recursive and ecological relationship to the social and natural environments it inhabits.

As with ‘the trap’, the working structure AoOA embraces paradox and the cacophony that inevitably arrives as a bi-product of dedicated experimentation with hard to access perspectives, languages and worlds. As a practice AoOA is necessarily thrifty and adaptable: shunning dogmatism of all forms it is nonetheless concerned with responsibilities and awarenesses that involve the non-human environment, and more specifically those hard-to-access, invisible, elusive or supernatural knowledges that are often overlooked by “environmentalisms” elsewhere. As a project of ‘making art like a trapper’, AoOA is above all a process of locating and inhabiting grace (in the Batesonian sense), and a means of staying with the trouble.

  • Drawing for AoOA is not a drawing of or a drawing about. It is a drawing in.
  • Sculpture for AoOA exists in the negative as a practice of recursion. A process of doubling, of doing-away-with, of emptying out, of gapping the fill.
  • Performance for AoOA is a hunt. A dowsing for openings, fissures and escape routes from the structural confinement of speciated existence.

As a test-space and colloquy AoOA works towards a more expansive, elastic and sustainable platform for these modes of production and future anthropologies of other animals.

Welcome:  anthropologyofotheranimals.wordpress.com



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