Alfred Gell’s fictional museum

This week I’m helping to host a conference with a collective I’m part of, UCL Multimedia Anthropology Lab. So morning tracking sessions have had to stay short. Yesterday I weasel walked around a field and today my calves ache in a good way.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screen-shot-2021-01-13-at-12.54.24.png

There’s an online exhibition accompanying our conference, and my first attempt at rendering Alfred Gell’s fictional museum of Traps-as-Artworks and Artworks-as-Traps has it’s very own Moxilla Hub. Very exciting to be able to swim around in there, and if I can work out the tech I’ll be adding narrative segments over time (in my version of the exhibition, whilst appearing to be still, all the artworks and traps are actually alive). Here’s a link to my hub

info and entrance to the broader exhibition:


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