photo HS, North Pacific Beach San Diego 2012 (he can see himself in it. he is stacking smaller rocks to protect it). 

  • n. A description of beings, their nature and essence.
  • n. That division of geography which is concerned with the responses of organic beings to their physiographic surroundings or environment.

“a term for composing works that help illuminate the existence and relationships between objects.” – Trevor Owens

“By word root “ontography” should presumably pertain to, as is fitting for a ghost tale, the attempt to formally describe being, not necessarily non-human, but perhaps as is suggested above, of the nature of things in themselves and to eachother, on their ‘own’ natural physical terms as it were; the noumenal, or the spirit body.” – Sam




Political Animal Reading Group, The Showroom, May 3rd




The discussion continues on Tuesday 3 May with: Tick (pp. 45-47) and Poverty in World (pp. 49-56) from Giorgio Agamben’s The Open; Thinking like a mountain by Aldo Leopold, and Introduction (pp.44-52) and Environment Spaces (pp. 53-63) from A Foray into the Worlds of Animals and Humans by Jacob Von Uexküll.

For a copy of the texts and to confirm attendance, please contact Olga Koroleva by email: olga_koroleva@hotmail.co.uk.